This catalog includes the many types of resources produced by the individual partners and the partnership as a whole. For informal updates on partner work that might not include published products, visit our Activities page.

The Promises and Realities of Data-Driven Community Development

Blog post - By: Austin Harrison
February 22, 2022

Innovate Memphis

Public funding for low-income renters doubled during the pandemic. The question is: What happens next?

Report - By: Peter Ciurczak , Luc Schuster
February 16, 2022

Boston Indicators

Baltimore Community Change 2010-2020

Report - By: Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance
February 2022

Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance

Examining Housing Needs at Brookhill Village in the Event of Redevelopment

Report - By: Angelique Gaines, Khou Xiong, Mary Louise Wilson
February 10, 2022

UNC Charlotte Urban Institute

Falling Through the Cracks? The Distribution of ERAP Spending in New York State

Report - By: Ingrid Gould Ellen, Ellie Lochhead, Carl Hedman
February 2022

Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy
New York

2020 Census Overview for the Greater DC Region: Redistricting Data

Report - By: Peter A. Tatian
February 3, 2022

Urban–Greater DC
Washington, D.C.

What's Up With the Massachusetts Labor Market?

Blog post - By: Anne Calef, Luc Schuster
February 2, 2022

Boston Indicators

Public Assistance and Homeless Shelter Trajectories

Report - By: Francisca García-Cobián Richter, Claudia Coulton, Robert Fischer, Nina Lalich, Ashley Hajski
January 2022

Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development