Challenges of Social Sector Systemic Collaborations: What's Cookin' in Houston's Food Insecurity Space?

Report by Douglas A. Schüler, Balaji R. Koka
March 2019

Kinder Institute for Urban Research   (Houston)

Over more than 33 months, researchers Douglas A. Schuler and Balaji R. Koka investigated Houston's food insecurity and food desert spaces. 

This report presents their findings on how Houston's nonprofits, government programs and for-profit businesses can work more collaboratively in order to efficiently and effectively battle Houston's hunger. 

There are an estimated 724,750 food-insecure individuals in the Greater Houston area. The researchers argue these people will only be able to be served well if organizations work together. 

"If the goal is to address the problem of food insecurity, it should not matter which organization does this or receives credit for it," the researchers argue in the report. "We encourage nonprofit organizations to share more of their knowledge and to create and adopt user-focused collaborations with other organizations."