Collection of Example Data-Sharing Agreements: Education

MOU by Urban Institute
September 10, 2018

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)

This collection is part of NNIP's Collection of Example Data Sharing Agreements. These MOUs involve state Departments of Education, school districts, and county education coalitions, as well as non-education entities including local housing authorities and healthcare providers. The data sources covered are: education, student enrollment, community surveys, student proficiency, student directory information, student absences, kindergarten readiness assessment, and pre-school enrollment.
  • County Integrated Data System Between District, University, Non-Profit and Foundation
  • From Agency to University, template for de-identified individual-level student data (subject to FERPA)
  • From City School District to University and Evaluator, for Student Tardiness and Disciplinary Data (involves an integrated data system)
  • From County Early Learning Coalition to County Juvenile Welfare Board, for Prekindergarten and School Readiness Records
  • From Housing Authority to Data Intermediary, for Student Data
  • From Housing Authority to School or School District, template
  • From Local Public Health Department to University, for student demographic data
  • From School District to Coalition of Healthcare Providers, for Student Data
  • From School District to Data Intermediary, for student directory information
  • From School District to Research Organization, for personally identifiable student academic records
  • From State Department to Data Intermediary, for kindergarten readiness and high school outcomes data
  • From State Education Agency to Nonprofit and University, for Identified Student Data
  • From State Education Agency to Data Intermediaries, for de-identified student data
  • From State Education Agency to University, for Identified Student Data (involves an integrated data system)
  • Master Data Sharing Agreement: School District, Case management, Data Intermediary, for student level data  
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