Turning the Corner in the Twin Cities

Report by Gretchen Nicholls, LISC Twin Cities, Brian Pittman, Wilder Research, Ela Rausch, Federal Reserve Board of Minneapolis, Jeff Matson, University of Minnesota
September 10, 2019

Center for Urban and Regional Affairs   (Minneapolis-St. Paul)

This report, Turning the Corner in the Twin Cities, details the results of a mixed-methods study that examined indicators of gentrification and neighborhood change in three Minneapolis-Saint Paul neighborhoods. The study, conducted by LISC Twin Cities, the University of Minnesota Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, and Wilder Research, with support from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and the McKnight Foundation, was part of a national initiative led by the Urban Institute and the Federal Reserve-Philanthropy Initiative aimed at understanding displacement pressures in moderately strong housing markets. Study findings offer key insights into which data indicators are most useful for monitoring gentrification risk, and what interventions community stakeholders can pursue to mitigate residential and commercial displacement.