NNIP Data Inventory

NNIP local partners maintain information systems with recurrently updated data on various neighborhood conditions in their cities for community planning and action. Each year the partners report on their data holdings, including the sources, dates, and geography of their files. The network uses this information for internal planning and to understand the national patterns in data availability. In addition, organizations negotiating with their local government agencies for particular data sources have strengthened their argument by showing that a number of organizations in other cities have access to the files.

Summary of Latest Data Inventory Results

The summary includes tables describing the following data characteristics.

  • Data Sources
  • Geographic Level
  • Record Type
  • Most Recent Year of Data
  • Number of Years of Data


The report NNIP Data Inventory 2007: A Picture of Local Data Collection Across the Country summarizes the results of NNIP's first data inventory in 2007, which was sponsored by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.