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Andrew Bowen, Data Analytics Manager

The mission of City of Charlotte Neighborhood & Business Services is to strengthen and grow Charlotte’s neighborhoods and businesses. The goal of the Community Engagement Division is that residents, businesses and youth will be informed, engaged, and empowered to take action that improves quality of life in their neighborhoods and across the community.

The City of Charlotte has been engaged in the collection, analysis and use of neighborhood-level indicators since 1993 when the initial City Within A City Neighborhood Assessment was conducted to describe neighborhood-level conditions in Charlotte’s primarily low-income, inner-city neighborhoods. The purpose of the assessment was to better understand needs for City programs and services, and to demonstrate that there were ripe opportunities within these neighborhoods for community and economic development. Over the past twenty years, what is now known as the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Quality of Life Study has grown from 73 neighborhood areas in Charlotte’s urban core to 464 neighborhood areas covering the whole of Mecklenburg County. As of 2012, the Quality of Life Study contains over 80 variables compiled from administrative records, the American Community Survey, and private sources and is available for view or download in an interactive, web-based dashboard. The study has also been enriched with links that allow users to learn more or discover ways to take action on topics of interest.

In 2013, the City of Charlotte shifted the focus of its indicators work from providing information to facilitating the use of that information by government departments, community partners, residents, neighborhoods and businesses.

Andrew Bowen
Data Analytics Manager
Jackie Tynan
Data & Analytics Manager

UNC Charlotte Urban Institute

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Lori Thomas, Director of Research and Faculty Engagement, Interim Director of ISC

The UNC Charlotte Urban Institute (Institute) is a nonpartisan, applied research and community outreach center at UNC Charlotte. Founded in 1969, the Institute is part of UNC Charlotte’s Metropolitan Studies and Extended Academic Programs, which includes a number of the university’s community engagement initiatives.

The mission of the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute is to seek solutions to the social, economic, and environmental challenges facing our communities. This mission is evidenced and ingrained in the diversity of our projects, as well as in our efforts to democratize information through our web communications and community engagement. We carry out our mission through a range of services including research and analysis around economic, environmental, and social issues affecting the Charlotte region; public opinion surveys; and technical assistance and training in operations and data management.

The Institute maintains a county/regional indicator project, the Charlotte Regional Indicators, is a key partner in the local neighborhood indicators projet, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Quality of Life Study, and houses the region's integrated data system, the Institute for Social Capital (ISC), along with many other ongoing and one-time research projects.  

The Institute for Social Capital, Inc. (ISC) was created in 2004 as a 501(c)3 created through the UNC Charlotte Foundation. ISC is an integrated data system of individual level administrative data from local agencies. ISC now operates as a research program of the Institute, with a nonprofit subsidiary of the Foundation of UNC Charlotte continuing to operate as the fiscal and legal steward of the ISC database for security reasons.


Bridget Anderson
Research Associate
Asha Ellison
Director of Research Translation and Engagement
Angelique Gaines
Research Associate
Colleen Hammelman
Associate Professor
Sydney Idzikowski
Associate Director, Charlotte Regional Data Trust
Eric Moore
Research Associate
Lori Thomas
Director of Research and Faculty Engagement, Interim Director of ISC
Kailas Venkitasubramanian
Dr. Kailas Venkitasubramanian
Director of Research Analytics
Khou Xiong
Director, Community Research Services
Katie Zager
Research Associate

Mecklenburg County

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Timmothy Tibbs, Assistant to the County Manager

Mecklenburg County is committed to making data driven decisions. The expansion of the Quality of Life Study presented an opportunity for data sharing across the County with all local government entities, allowing jurisdictions to observe and identify neighborhood-level drivers, trends and other factors that are indicators of neighborhood health. The City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County and other community partners are working towards using the Quality of Life Study data to pilot enhanced collaboration in providing operational services at the neighborhood level.

Benjamin Chambers
Strategic Planning & Evaluation Analyst
Timmothy Tibbs
Assistant to the County Manager


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UNC Charlotte Urban Institute

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UNC Charlotte Urban Institute

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November 8, 2023
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UNC Charlotte Urban Institute

November 8, 2023
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UNC Charlotte Urban Institute


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