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John Killeen, Executive Director

DataWorks is an independent data intermediary based in Durham, North Carolina. We are dedicated to democratizing the use of quantitative information, engaging in partnerships where data and analysis blend with lived experience and shared stories. We work with neighbors, non-profits, public agencies, and other partners in social benefit to advance community programming and public discourse. We provide comprehensive neighborhood indicators with the Neighborhood Compass, technical assistance and custom analysis, and collaborative learning opportunities.

Our mission is to democratize data to facilitate an empowered, productive, and equitable community. To that end, we have outlined three primary areas of focus for our work:

  • Engage communities with data. We connect neighbors and community organizations with indicators, strengthening efforts to improve  neighborhoods. This includes direct technical support in data preparation, mapping and other visualization.
  • Convene and contribute to community conversations. We facilitate productive spaces for shared learning from different perspectives. We also participate as an independent partner in policy discussions, guided by both quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Provide community data tools.  We provide community data resources, including the Neighborhood Compass, that are regularly-updated and serve all partners equally.
L'Tanya Durante
Data Action Coordinator
Libby McClure
Health Data Analyst
Tim Stallmann
Cartography/GIS Collaborator


January 2, 2020
The National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP) is pleased to announce two stellar additions to the network's elected Executive Committee - John Killeen, Executive Director of... [read more]
May 14, 2019
The Urban Institute partnered with the National Association of City and County Health Officials (NACCHO) to host a webinar targeted at public health agency staff seeking to discuss the connections... [read more]
August 2018 - October 2018
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July 25, 2019
Presentation - By: John Killeen

DataWorks NC

June 13, 2019
Meeting Materials - By: L'Tanya Durante, Libby McClure

DataWorks NC

May 9, 2018
Meeting Materials - By: John Killeen, Tim Stallmann

DataWorks NC

January 8, 2018
Announcement - By: Urban Institute

DataWorks NC

November 2, 2017
NNIP admin document - By: John Killeen

DataWorks NC


Partner Webinars

May 14, 2019 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Housing stability,­­­­... [read more]

Presenters Barbara Laymon, NACCHO, Chelsea Hawkins, Durham County Department of Public Health, Denver Jameson, Durham County Department of Public Health, Leah Hendey, Urban Institute, John Killeen, DataWorks NC