This catalog includes the many types of resources produced by the individual partners and the partnership as a whole. For informal updates on partner work that might not include published products, visit our Activities page.

Findings from 2019 NNIP Partner Survey

NNIP admin document - By: Camille H. Anoll

Urban Institute
NNIP Coordinator

Catalyzing Policing Reform with Data

Report - By: Ashlin Oglesby-Neal, Alena Stern, Kathryn L.S. Pettit
May 2020

Urban Institute
NNIP Coordinator
Sol Price Center for Social Innovation
Los Angeles

Interactive Tool: Catalyzing Policing Reform with Data Interactive

Digital Feature - By: Urban Institute and Microsoft Data Science Team
May 2020

Urban Institute
NNIP Coordinator

Examining the Neighborhood-Level Housing Impact of COVID-19 in Chicago: A Preliminary Analysis

Blog post - By: Geoff Smith, Sarah Duda
April 2020

Institute for Housing Studies

NNIP Partner Institutional Inventory

NNIP admin document - By: Urban Institute
April 2020

Urban Institute
NNIP Coordinator

COVID-19 Cases in New York City, a Neighborhood-Level Analysis

Blog post - By: the Furman Center team
April 10, 2020

Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy
New York

You Saved 378 Lives Last Week, Baltimore

Blog post - By: Logan Shertz
April 6, 2020

Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance

Hey Philly, You Saved 1,443 Lives Just By Staying Home

Blog post - By: West Philly Promise Neighborhood Team
April 6, 2020

Urban Health Collaborative

Staying at Home May Have Saved 4,533 Lives in Harris County So Far

Blog post - By: Mingming Zhang, Katie Wang, Jie Wu
April 5, 2020

Kinder Institute for Urban Research