This catalog includes the many types of resources produced by the individual partners and the partnership as a whole. For informal updates on partner work that might not include published products, visit our Activities page.

NNIP Strategic Planning Update and September Town Hall Slides

Presentation - By: Leah Hendey, Kathy Pettit
September 5, 2023

Urban Institute
NNIP Coordinator

Urban Greenspace Can Reduce Mortality Inequalities Based on Poverty and Race in Philadelphia

Blog post - By: Leah Schinasi, Janelle Edwards, Jane Clougherty, Anneclaire De Roos, Usama Bilal
September 1, 2023

Urban Health Collaborative

August 2023 Presentation - Developing an Evictions Dashboard for Indianapolis

Presentation - By: Matthew Dietrich, Ally Scott, Marc McAlevey
August 31, 2023

The Polis Center

August 2023 Presentation - King County Health Equity Timeline

Presentation - By: Sara Jaye Sanford
August 31, 2023

Communities Count


NNIP DEI Survey 2023

Protocol/Methods - By: Urban Institute
August 14, 2023

Urban Institute
NNIP Coordinator

NNIP Data Inventory Screen Shots

NNIP admin document - By: Cole Campbell
August 10, 2023

Urban Institute
NNIP Coordinator

A Primer on Children’s Savings Accounts: Their Promise and Limitations

Blog post - By: Kelly Harrington
August 9, 2023

Boston Indicators

Health Survey Questions on Racism

Blog post - By: Libby McClure
August 2023

DataWorks NC

Evaluating the Distribution of Community Development Capital to Low-Income Communities

Blog post - By: Austin Harrison, Jennie Doss, Jessica Buttermore, Jessica Lotz
July 14, 2023

Innovate Memphis