Collection of Example Data-Sharing Agreements: Health + Healthcare

MOU by Urban Institute
September 10, 2018

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)

This collection is part of NNIP's Collection of Example Data Sharing Agreements. These MOUs involve state Departments of Health and Human Services, healthcare providers, research intermediaries, non-profit agencies, and municipal healthcare corporations. The data sources covered are: education, arrests, demographics, maternal health records, community surveys, vital statistics, insurance statuses, hospital records, health care provider information, and Medicaid and Medicare data.
  • Business Associate Agreement from State Agency, covering PHI
  • Confidentiality Agreement between City, University, Data Intermediary and Healthcare Centers for CHNA
  • From CMS to Data Recipient, template
  • From County Police Department to Coalition of Health Care Providers, for incidents and arrests (for integrated data system)
  • From Health Data Services Partner to Data Intermediary, for Clinical and Financial Data from Acute Care Facilities
  • From Local Healthcare Corporation to Data Intermediary, for Vital Statistics Data
  • From Public Health Department to Individual, for limited data set
  • From School District to Coalition of Healthcare Providers, for Student Data (for integrated data system)
  • From State Department of Health to Local Public Health Department, for health care provider data
    • (This same MOU was used for additional types of data by changing out the appendix, including adolescent survey data or Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) data.)
  • From State Department of Health to Public Health Department, for hospital records and discharge data 
  • From State DHHS to Data Recipient, for Limited Data Set (template)
  • From State DHHS to Data Recipient, template
  • From State HCA to Public Health Department, for Medicaid claims and managed care data
  • From State Health Benefit Exchange to Individual Requestor, for health insurance data
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