Planning a resilient region: Mapping climate exposure, sensitivity, and adaptive capacity

Presentation by Seleeke Flingai
June 13, 2019

Metropolitan Area Planning Council   (Boston)

This presentation is part of the NNIP Showcase, Part 2 session at the NNIP Partnership Meeting, June 2019.

Climate change and sea level rise are major planning challenges facing coastal regions today. However, the impacts are not distributed equally. Communities vary in terms of exposure to climate risks, sensitivity to hazards, and the resources available to adapt and re-organize in the face of both long-term change and acute disasters. Understanding hotspots of relative climate vulnerability across the region and within communities can support policy development by identifying opportunities for intervention, as well as strategies that have successfully built resilience. As part of the MetroCommon 2050 Regional Plan Update, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council has prepared climate vulnerability maps for the Greater Boston region. 

Event Name: 
NNIP Partnership Meeting, June 2019