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Gary Painter, Director for Social Policy

The Price Center promotes the exploration and understanding of how to create sustainable, holistic vitality in low-income, urban communities. To this end we develop scholars, leaders and initiatives to advance novel approaches and solutions, with a particular eye toward understanding large-scale change efforts in places and populations.  We assemble, integrate, and maintain neighborhood data to facilitate research, evaluation and action in the urban realm. We evaluate programs and policies to determine what works, why and what can be applied elsewhere. We convene local seminars and national conferences to tell data stories, to explicate the research of social innovation scholars, and to magnify the impact of social innovators by bringing them together with change leaders from around the world in a common pursuit of equality of opportunity for children and families in marginalized urban communities.

Caroline Bhalla
Managing Director
Megan Goulding
Director of External Affairs
Prof. Gary Painter photo
Gary Painter
Director for Social Policy



October 11, 2017
Meeting Materials - By: Caroline Bhalla

Sol Price Center for Social Innovation

May 17, 2017
Presentation - By: Gary Painter

Sol Price Center for Social Innovation

PowerPoint Presentation
May 17, 2017
Meeting Materials - By: Gary Painter, Michael Wallace, Benjamin Orr

Sol Price Center for Social Innovation

December 15, 2016
Announcement - By: Urban Institute

Kinder Institute for Urban Research, Sol Price Center for Social Innovation

October 28, 2016
NNIP admin document - By: Gary Painter, Richard Parks

Sol Price Center for Social Innovation