Racial Equity 2019 Indicator Report

Report by City of San Antonio Office of Equity, Community Information: Now

Community Information Now (CINow)   (San Antonio)

Social and racial inequities are not random, natural, or inevitable. They are often intentional and historically designed to benefit and burden specific groups of people. As part of this effort, the 2019 Racial Equity Indicator Report for San Antoinio is intended to measure disparities faced by communities of color across multiple domains. This Report quantifies the state of racial equity in San Antonio and features key indicators on racial disparities in income, housing, health, educational attainment, and in other areas. The Report was shared with the greater San Antonio community to help make the case for racial equity and its economic and social benefits.

The Racial Equity Indicator Report is a collaboration between the City of San Antonio’s Office of Equity and Community Information Now (CI:Now).