A Look At The Diversity of NNIP

Report by Olivia Arena, Leah Hendey
November 11, 2019

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)

The National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP) is committed to ensuring that all communities have access to data and the skills to use that data to advance equity and well-being across neighborhoods. We recognize that organizations that reflect the diversity in their communities and are inclusive of all people produce higher-quality analysis and stronger collaborations, and, ultimately, they expand the influence we have on local and national policy. This brief analyzes data collected on the racial, gender, and age makeup of NNIP Partner organizations so that we can understand the diversity of the network and establish a baseline from which to track progress. The focus on staff diversity is just one step NNIP is taking to address diversity, equity, and inclusion as a network. Moving forward, NNIP has identified short-term and long-term activities that we can do to support our Partners in their organizational development and practices that will reframe how data can be used to take on structural and systemic challenges.