Developing In-house Software

Presentation by Camille Seaberry
June 12, 2019

DataHaven   (New Haven - Connecticut)

This presentation is part of the NNIP Showcase, Part 1 session at the NNIP Partnership Meeting, June 2019.

In preparation for DataHaven's 2019 Community Index reports, Camille developed two libraries of R code in hopes of reducing spreadsheet sprawl. Those libraries standardized common operations, such as fetching the same ACS table at 5 different geographic levels or adjusting dollar amounts for inflation, and serve as references for datasets, such as lookup tables between census tracts and city neighborhoods. Building and continually refining DataHaven’s own open source libraries was a fairly large undertaking up front that has paid off as they expand the scope of their major publications.


Event Name: 
NNIP Partnership Meeting, June 2019