The National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership is coordinated by the Urban Institute of Washington, D.C. and governed by the NNIP Executive Committee.

Urban Institute

Urban Institute is overall coordinator of NNIP. The network is co-directed by Kathy Pettit and Leah Hendey.  With guidance from the Executive Committee, the Urban Institute:
  • Leads in developing the strategic vision for the network and spearheads the NNIP Executive Committee.
  • Plans and develops the program for the partners' meetings, including sessions on policy issues, technology, business development.
  • Identifies and vets new potential partner cities.
  • Develops curated content for the NNIP website.
  • Prepares proposals for funding, receives and oversees grants to support the partnership, and is accountable to funders for overall performance.


NNIP Executive Committee

The NNIP Executive Committee is the central mechanism guiding NNIP. Six representatives from local NNIP partners and leadership from the Urban Institute meet monthly by phone to plan partnership activities, monitor performance under the plan, and consider ongoing activities and policies of the partnership. To the fullest extent possible, decisions are made by consensus. Local partner representatives on the Executive Committee serve three-year terms on a rotating basis, and each year, two positions are open. All partner staff are eligible for election. The candidates are announced to the full partnership and each partner city has one vote.


Current Executive Committee Members


Former Executive Committee Members

Name Partner Organization City Term
Noah Urban Data Driven Detroit Detroit 2023
Geoff Smith Institute for Housing Studies, DePaul University Chicago 2021-2023
Mariko Toyoji Public Health - Seattle & King County Seattle 2021-2023
Altonio Smith Innovate Memphis Memphis 2023
Caroline Bhalla University of Southern California Los Angeles 2019-2022
John Killeen DataWorks NC Durham 2020-2022
Katie Pritchard Data You Can Use Milwaukee 2019-2021
Jie Wu Kinder Institute, Rice University  Houston 2020-2021
John Cruz Rise St. Louis 2018-2020
Noah Urban Data Driven Detroit Detroit 2017-2020
Laura McKieran CI:Now San Antonio 2019
Seema Iyer Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance, Jacob France Institute at the University of Baltimore Baltimore 2017-2019
Bernita Smith Atlanta Regional Commission Atlanta 2018-2019
Laura McKieran CI:Now San Antonio 2016-2018
April Urban Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development, Case Western Reserve University Cleveland 2016-2018
Mark Abraham DataHaven New Haven 2015-2017
Bob Gradeck University Center for Social and Urban Research, University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh 2015-2017
Sheila Martin Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies, Portland State University Portland 2014-2016
Jeff Matson Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota Twin Cities 2013-2016
Eleanor Tutt
Mary Weselcouch
Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, New York University
St. Louis
New York
Todd Clausen Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee Milwaukee 2012-2014
Kurt Metzger Data Driven Detroit Detroit 2012-2014
David Bartelt Temple University Philadelphia 2011-2013
Matthew Kachura Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance Baltimore 2011-2013
Phyllis Betts Center on Community Building and Neighborhood Action, University of Memphis Memphis 2010-2012
Steve Spiker Urban Strategies Council Oakland 2010-2012
Tim Bray Institute for Urban Policy Research, University of Texas at Dallas Dallas 2009-2011
Claudia Coulton Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development, Case Western University Cleveland 2009-2011
Matthew Barry The Piton Foundation Denver 2008-2010
Michael Rich NeighborhoodNexus & Emory University Atlanta 2009-2010
John Stern Neighborhoods Resource Center Nashville 2008-2009
Michael Barndt Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee Milwaukee 2007-2009
Garth Taylor Metropolitan Chicago Information Center Chicago 2007-2009
Charlie Bruner Child and Family Policy Center Des Moines 2006-2008
Sandy Ciske Public Health-Seattle and King County Seattle 2006-2008
Pat McGuigan The Providence Plan Providence 2002-2007
Junious Williams Urban Strategies Council Oakland 2002-2007
Sharon Kandris The Polis Center Indianapolis 2004-2006
Charlotte Cunliffe Greater New Orleans Community Data Center New Orleans 2003-2005
Terri Bailey The Piton Foundation Denver 2002-2005
Cynthia Cunningham The Polis Center Indianapolis 2002-2003
Odette Ramos Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance Baltimore 2002-2003
Craig Totaro The Reinvestment Fund Philadephia 2002-2003