Leveraging Administrative Data to Better Serve Children and Families

Journal Article by Rob Fischer, Francisca García‐Cobián Richter, Elizabeth Anthony, Nina Lalich, Claudia Coulton
April 2, 2019

Center on Poverty and Community Development   (Cleveland)

The challenge of complex social issues drives the need for data systems that can connect information across multiple service delivery systems. Integrated data systems provide significant value for needs assessment, program planning, policy decision making, and collective impact evaluation across a range of social issues. This case study describes a mature county‐based integrated data system. The case study has three aims: (1) to highlight the value of integrated data systems to research, (2) to outline common challenges that such initiatives face, and (3) to present several ongoing considerations for the field that could inform policy recommendations to facilitate the use of integrated data. The authors present examples from the experience of developing this integrated data system, including involvement in the design and evaluation of the first county‐level social impact bond. The case study highlights the benefits and limitations of integrated data use in research and the potential to advance evidence‐based social decision making.

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The American Society for Public Administration: Public Administration Review