New Data Reveal Digital Divides across DC Neighborhoods

Blog post by Leah Hendey
July 25, 2019

Urban–Greater DC   (Washington, D.C.)

Last November, we launched an online tool that explores DC’s equity gaps across a range of indicators such as educational attainment, prenatal care, and homeownership. Because of a lack of data, home access to broadband internet—which allows DC’s residents to access our tool and any other online resource—was left unexplored.

Thanks to the release of 2013–17 five-year estimates from the American Community Survey, we can now explore how the rate of households with broadband subscriptions varies across DC’s wards and neighborhoods. Varying rates of subscription to high-speed internet in DC follows existing patterns of inequities, which are the result of decades of discriminatory policies and practices that still affect outcomes in education, income, and employment by race and place.

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