Interactive Tool: Catalyzing Policing Reform with Data Interactive

Digital Feature by Urban Institute and Microsoft Data Science Team
May 2020

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)

Nationwide protests in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd have underscored the urgency for rethinking policing in the nation, and many of the changes will need to happen at the local level. Understanding patterns of policing through analysis of open data can help to inform these community conversations.

This interactive tool allows users to explore data analyzed in the brief "Catalyzing Policing Reform with Data" and is also available to view it in full screen through the double arrow symbol at the bottom right of the tool or on the web.  For technical details, see our report on methodology and the data and programs on GitHub.

Many thanks to the Microsoft Criminal Justice Reform team, the Microsoft Data Science and Analytics team, and the local NNIP partner at University of Southern California’s Sol Price Center for Social Innovation for their contributions to the brief and tool.  The brief and tool are part of a larger NNIP cross-site project launched in 2018, Catalyzing Community Criminal Justice Reform with Data, which included an earlier brief on how NNIP partners support criminal justice reform and a list of common policing data sets.