Findings from 2019 NNIP Partner Survey

NNIP admin document by Camille H. Anoll

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)

In Summer 2019, NNIP conducted a survey of its members to assess how well the peer learning network is serving its members over the period from 2018-2019. The NNIP Executive Committee and Urban Institute staff will use the findings to shape network plans for 2020-2022 and to report to current and potential funders. The survey results shed light on how well NNIP is performing on its stated goals to strengthen the capacity of local organizations to develop and facilitate the use of data and learn about innovative methods and practices from one another and outside experts.

Highlighted Findings

  • More than 90% of respondents noted that the meetings were important to their organization and almost all said that NNIP does a good job at hosting the meetings.
  • Many respondents identified a need to boost new and junior staff participation and highlighted suggestions, such as creating a junior staff cohort or scholarships for new and junior staff to attend Partner meetings.
  • Respondents also suggested creating subgroups within the network—based on organization type, staff type, or areas of interest—to create space for more focused conversations.
  • Funding came up several times with requests for NNIP HQ to fund scholarships to attend meetings, coordinate fundraising across the network, and fundraise for more cross-site projects.
  • Equitable development/gentrification/displacement and housing/housing affordability were the most noted as pressing issues in the community over the next three years.