Neighborhood Change and Evictions: What NYC Housing Court Data Can and Cannot Provide

Presentation by Ryan Brenner
June 13, 2019

Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy   (New York)

This presentation is part of the NNIP Showcase, Part 2 session at the NNIP Partnership Conference, June 2019.  

The NYU Furman Center is beginning a project analyzing Housing Court data from the Office of Court Administration to study the relationship between neighborhood change and evictions. As they are just beginning the analysis, this presentation will be a high-level view of the eviction process in NYC and what the data from the court can tell us. Specifically, the NYU Furman Center will look at displacement that is not captured by the data as well as ambiguities that make it difficult to determine how a case proceeded through the system.  


Event Name: 
NNIP Partnership Meeting, June 2019