NNIP Showcase, Part 1 - Findings from the NNIP Diversity Survey

Presentation by Urban Institute
November 8, 2023

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)

Findings from the NNIP Diversity Survey

Elizabeth Burton, Urban-Greater DC

NNIP recognizes that organizations that reflect the diversity in their communities and are inclusive of all people produce higher quality analysis and stronger collaborations, better impacting local and national policy. We surveyed NNIP partner organizations in August through September of this year to understand their current staff and board demographic composition and practices related to diversifying staff, boards, and outreach. We’ll share the results and compare them to the 2018 survey, identifying where the network could grow.

This is the presentation for the NNIP Showcase, Part 1 session at the NNIP November 2023 partners meeting.

Event Name: 
NNIP Partners Meeting, November 2023