Urban Greenspace Can Reduce Mortality Inequalities Based on Poverty and Race in Philadelphia

Blog post by Leah Schinasi, Janelle Edwards, Jane Clougherty, Anneclaire De Roos, Usama Bilal
September 1, 2023

Urban Health Collaborative   (Philadelphia)

Urban health equity is a priority for the UHC, particularly as evidence mounts that climate change will have a greater toll in disadvantaged neighborhoods. A growing body of research points to greenspace in cities having an equigenic effect – that is, the ability to promote health equity through the neighborhood environment. According to this theory, adding certain amenities to neighborhoods, such as parks and tree cover, could have more significant effects on the health of disadvantaged residents than on residents with more advantages. For example, having access to a park could allow people who can’t afford a gym membership more opportunities to increase physical activity – as well as opportunities to relax and socialize, which can be just as beneficial to health.