June 2024 Presentation - Creating Self-Contained Web Maps

Presentation by Adam Porr
June 26, 2024

Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC)   (Columbus)

This presentation covers methods for creating simple, self-contained webmaps using Python.

Here are some resources related to the presentation:


For folks who would rather not use Python, similar webmaps can be produced easily using the qgis2web plugin for QGIS, an open source alternative to ArcGIS.  That process is even easier than Python (although it sacrifices some benefits).  Essentially you just make the map look how you want it in QGIS, select a few settings in a wizard-style form, and click export.  These can be published in the same way as the Python-generated maps.

Here are the learning resources I shared in the chat that I am considering using with my team.  I have not fully vetted them yet, but they look promising based on a cursory review.