NNIP Showcase, Part 2 - Data Justice for Pittsburgh’s Black Neighborhoods

Presentation by Urban Institute
November 9, 2023

University Center for Social and Urban Research   (Pittsburgh)

Data Justice for Pittsburgh’s Black Neighborhoods

Bob Gradeck, University of Pittsburgh

In Pittsburgh, we’re working with colleagues through the Black Equity Coalition and the City of Pittsburgh to establish a new initiative “Data Justice for Pittsburgh’s Black Neighborhoods.” We’ll create a “mini-public” deliberative body to engage in decisions that the City of Pittsburgh makes about data and technology, and co-design databases, data systems, data standards, processes, and policies that will serve as the foundation of the City’s emerging data governance process. This initiative will also work in the later stages of the data life cycle, where the project team will use data with neighborhood residents to develop and implement a plan for improving community health that incorporates data literacy opportunities and personal expression. In this session, we’ll give you a preview of this initiative, which is funded by the de Beaumont Foundation.

This is the presentation for the NNIP Showcase, Part 2 session at the NNIP November 2023 partners meeting.

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NNIP Partners Meeting, November 2023