NNIP Policy on Transitioning Partners

NNIP admin document by Urban Institute
February 2021

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)

As a peer learning network, both NNIP and all its local partners benefit from having strong and institutionally-stable partners. To achieve this and maintain a NNIP presence in existing partner cities, NNIP/Urban staff and the NNIP Executive Committee are committed to providing technical assistance and advice to partners in times of organizational instability.

This document outlines the policy of NNIP regarding current partners who face organizational transitions or are unable to carry out NNIP functions. It defines available NNIP network support, access to partner benefits, how the transitioning organization will be acknowledged on the NNIP website, and how the transition process might be successfully concluded. This policy was first approved by the NNIP Executive Committee in 2015 and is periodically reviewed and updated.