Economic Development


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Directing the Economic Influence of a Regional Business Community toward Racial Equity Projects

Regional businesses have an important role in advancing racial equity in their communities. A group of chief executives and business leaders in San Antonio, Texas, came together after George Floyd...

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Increasing the Accountability and Equity of Investments in the Atlanta Beltline

The Atlanta BeltLine is a 22-mile railroad corridor that is designed to improve greenspace, housing, economic development, and connectivity in Atlanta, Georgia...

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Collaborating with the Atlanta Government towards more Equitable Economic Development

Cities across the US have become especially interested in building economic mobility and resilience as they recover from the COVID-...

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Using an Equity Lens to Track Capital Investments in Baltimore

Baltimore, known for being the birthplace of racially restrictive zoning, continues to be one of the most segregated cities in the United States. The impact of segregation has meant some...

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Holding Investors Accountable in Oakland

Following the foreclosure crisis, Oakland faced a serious problem of an increasing number of vacant buildings. Vacant properties, particularly if not well-...

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Report Prompts City Leaders to Examine Strategies for Improving Access to Goods

The Metro Chicago Information Center (MCIC) released a report in October 2005 on the disparate access to goods and services for some Chicago neighborhoods. MCIC’s report, "Chain Reaction:...

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