NNIP partners meet with Capital One to discuss stakeholder engagement and regional plan for the future of suburban Dallas

Institute for Urban Policy Research   (Dallas)
Data Driven Detroit (D3)   (Detroit)
Shift Research Lab   (Denver*)

October 2015

On October 20th, one day prior to the opening of the Fall NNIP meeting, the Institute for Urban Policy Research, Capital One, and the Collin County Business Alliance (CCBA) convened a group of experts to discuss regional planning and the future of Collin County, which includes most of Dallas' northern suburbs. In addition to staff from the Institute for Urban Policy Research, the group included NNIP alumnus Jake Cowan, Jennifer Newcomer of the Piton Foundation, and Erica Raleigh from Data Driven Detroit (D3). The general purpose of the meeting was to provide CCBA and Capital One with a starting point for their regional study that supports their vision of economic prosperity while supporting equity among the diverse suburban and rural population of Collin County. The meeting was an excellent opportunity to showcase the value of the NNIP network and leverage the experience and expertise of its members to strengthen local relationships, as well as provide valuable perspectives from around the country.