The Institute for Urban Policy Research works with Capital One to evaluate place-based initiatives

Institute for Urban Policy Research   (Dallas)

January 2015

Capital One philanthropic mission includes a comprehensive giving program to help build the future of communities for Capital One’s customers and associates across the U.S. These programs, known as Placed Based Initiatives (PBI), can be found in communities in Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Each PBI offers support and development based on the community’s individual and unique needs through strong, collaborative partnerships with organizations, businesses, and community members within the neighborhood. Ultimately, Capital One aims to put sustainable systems in place that offer lasting change within a community. Institute staff has visited the Houston and New Orleans sites to see the PBI projects already ongoing.

Here in Dallas, the bank is focused on education, workforce development, affordable housing and financial literacy within the East Plano community. The PBI in this area offers programs such as computer literacy classes and homebuyer education courses for adults, in addition to funding after-school programs for children. Capital One is working with the Institute for Urban Policy Research to develop a framework for evaluating the impact and outcomes of PBI funding. In doing so, Capital One will be better able to measure and articulate the positive changes occurring within the target areas.