Capital for Communities Scorecard Presentation Webinar

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)

August 2023

Urban Institute staff Amanda Hermans and Cole Campbell conducted a presentation on a new tool that the Urban Institute developed, the Capital for Communities Scorecard.

We believe a number of NNIP partners would particularly benefit from this tool. It is free to use and is hosted on Urban’s public website. The presentation walked through the Scorecard, provided case examples where it could be used well, and answered questions.

The Scorecard is designed to help local leaders, mission-driven investors, and community-based organizations prioritize community development projects that strengthen communities, benefit residents, and redress racial and geographic inequities in access to opportunity and help project sponsors respond to community needs.

It assesses the potential social, economic, and environmental impacts of proposed community development projects and includes:

  • A general information section, where users enter information related to the proposed project;
  • A community goals and priorities section, where users answer questions about efforts to involve the community in the design of the project and rank the community’s priorities as they understand them; and
  • Six impact area sections, where users respond to questions about features of the project related to the following topics: accessible, high-quality jobs; community wealth building; affordable and accessible housing; environment and open spaces; health, social services, and cultural amenities; and transportation and connectivity.