Greater Hartford Neighborhood Data Hub

DataHaven   (New Haven - Connecticut)

May 2017 to December 2020

The Greater Hartford Neighborhood Data Hub program, managed by DataHaven, is designed to support the more effective curation, collection, sharing, and use of local-level cross-sector data within Hartford. This public service program creates a sustainable and independent entity to measure improved outcomes and reduced inequities using accurate and impartial data on the region and its neighborhoods.  The program is helping to align partners and systems in coordinated efforts related to data collection and use, build community trust and capacity in data products and systems, and ultimately improve opportunities for re-investment and well-being improvement within Greater Hartford, with a focus on disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Specific components of the program include:

1. Creation of a 2019 Greater Hartford Community Wellbeing Index report, modeled after the successful Fairfield County Community Wellbeing Index and other DataHaven programs, which conduct targeted partnership development to leverage resources and support citywide and statewide efforts to engage data providers and data users.  Stakeholders and data providers include local, state and federal government, hospital systems, higher education institutions, and other large agencies or organizations, leading to improved usability and sharing of data across sectors. 

2. Intensive level of live, in-depth interviews with thousands of randomly-selected adults in the Greater Hartford and New Britain areas through the statewide DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey, in both 2015 and 2018, and use of that data in program development, research, assessment, and planning.

3. Curation of high-value datasets, advocacy related to data standards and harmonization of measures, and creation of summary data, including reports and dashboards to track key outcomes. 

4. Ongoing assessment of data needs and current and developing assets related to high-value data on neighborhood-level conditions, health equity and other topics. DataHaven is surveying area agencies and non-profits.

5. Continuing to support the DataHaven technical assistance program, including by offering Connecticut data workshop sessions in the Capitol Region, and continuing to publish updated Hartford-West Hartford and New Britain neighborhood profiles (or others on request)

Please contact DataHaven for more information about this program.