The Institute for Urban Policy Research assesses perception of safety in North Texas parks

Institute for Urban Policy Research   (Dallas)

March 2014 - December 2014

In Spring, 2014 the Dallas Police Department and The Trinity Trust, a local nonprofit, engaged the Institute for Urban Policy Research to assess community perceptions of safety in Dallas public parks and recreation spaces. Through a series of surveys, the public was asked to rate the importance of different quality of life factors based on recreational experiences. The research is being used by the Dallas Police Department and the Trinity Trust Foundation to develop a master security plan for the Trinity River Corridor Project, which is an ambitious and monumental public works project commissioned by the City of Dallas.  The Project seeks to transform over 10,000 acres of land along the Trinity River into a green space for recreational amenities, flood control, improved transportation, environmental restoration, and economic development. Some aspects of the proposed project include creating designated areas for wildlife and habitat, trails, lakes, an Audubon Center, an equestrian center, in addition to new urban developments. The development of the Trinity River corridor provides Dallas and its growing population a chance to transform the city for a more sustainable, diverse, and engaged future.