Using the Quality of Life Explorer’s Build-Your-Own-Geography Capability to Explore School Redistricting

Presentation by Andrew Bowen
October 22, 2015

City of Charlotte   (Charlotte)


This presentation was a part of the Ignite Showcase: Part I at the NNIP Fall 2015 partners meeting

Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s new Quality of Life Explorer has updated data and an exciting new feature: the ability to build custom geographies. Neighborhood Profile Areas, the units of analysis, are able to be aggregated to approximate larger areas, such as zip codes, city council districts and school districts. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is beginning a review of its school assignment plans, a topic of interest for students and parents as well as local non-profit task forces. Examining the makeup of potential school districts is easy with the Quality of Life Explorer’s data and functionality.  Megan Swindal, Providence – Re-branding

Event Name: 
NNIP October 2015 Partners' Meeting