UNC's Data Dashboard: Moving to Charlotte? You're Not Alone

Blog post by UNC Charlotte Urban Institute
January 12, 2015

UNC Charlotte Urban Institute   (Charlotte)

While Charlotte has been consistently growing for the past few decades, even named the second-fast growing large city in the nation by the Census Bureau, much of that growth is occuring within its home county, Mecklenburg. Using data from the 2008-2012 five-year American Community Survey, the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute recently released a data dashboard that quantifies the migratory shifts, showing where exactly people are coming from and going to. New York State is the largest source of people, sending over 2,000 people to Mecklenburg county per year, although Florida, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania are also large contributors. Most of those who leave the area head to suburban York County, South Carolina, or Texas, where a strong economy proves a large pull.

The data dashboard on the UNC Charlotte website dynamically explores these migratory trends. The robust interactive tool shows the net migration to the county by state and by county. For more information, click here to explore the data tool and learn more about the dynamics of the flow throughout the county.