Charlotte-Mecklenburg Evictions: Part 1: An Introduction to Evictions in Charlotte-Mecklenburg

Report by Ashley Williams Clark
September 2017

UNC Charlotte Urban Institute   (Charlotte)

In Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, thousands of residents are evicted each year. Evictions can take place formally through the court system and informally outside of the court system. Evictions can have a negative impact on a household’s housing stability and well-being. 
This report is the first in a series that will examine evictions in the county. The report lays the groundwork for understanding evictions and presents aggregate data on formal evictions that take place through the court system. Many tenants may face eviction outside of the formal court system. Subsequent reports will dig deeper into court data and examine spatial distributions of evictions as well as provide an in-depth one-month snapshot of people who received an eviction notice in the county.