NNIP Idea Showcase & Network Update - Video

Video by Kathy Pettit, John Garvey, Seok-Joo Kim, Jessie Partridge, Diane Gavarkavich, Maia Woluchem
August 7, 2014

Urban Institute   (NNIP Coordinator)
Urban Strategies Council   (Oakland)
Center on Poverty and Community Development   (Cleveland)
Metropolitan Area Planning Council   (Boston)
UNC Charlotte Urban Institute   (Charlotte)

Our virtual idea showcase webinars are intented to offer a way for partners to share potential projects, early work, or recent projects with each other in between in-person partner meetings.

NNIP/UI will start with a quick update on news from NNIP-central, and there will be a series of presentations from partners.  Each partner will have 5 minutes to talk about potential, current, or completed work.   They may be in a formal Ignite format, or just with PPT slides, or no slides at all.

For the presentations, see the webinar page.


NNIP Idea Showcase & Network Update (August 2014) from NNIP on Vimeo.