Community Needs Assessment of the Aging Population

Report by Elyse Hamilton-Childres, Bill McCoy
February 28, 2015

UNC Charlotte Urban Institute   (Charlotte)

~~A year-long study examining the needs of Mecklenburg County’s elderly population found that the county’s approach to older adults should focus on stronger and longer-term planning supported by more vigorous collaboration among service providers.  Among the most pressing issues facing older adults, the study found, are access to transportation services, housing choices, caregiving support and information about services and programs.  The report’s recommendations include:
•Mecklenburg County should revive the Status of Seniors Initiative and leverage its wealth of information to develop an effective county-wide aging plan.
•Greater collaboration is needed to increase the impact of positive change initiatives and to close gaps in services as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.
•Existing resources need to be available throughout the county, putting services and activities directly into neighborhoods where people live, rather than requiring people to come to providers for assistance.

The report, a Community Needs Assessment of the Aging Population, was a project of the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Council on Aging.  The research for the study and the writing of the report were by Elyse Hamilton-Childres to fulfil the internship and field study requirement of the UNC Chapel Hill masters degree program in social work