NNIP Welcomes Three New Executive Committee Members

University Center for Social and Urban Research   (Pittsburgh)
Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance   (Baltimore)
Neighborhood Data for Social Change   (Los Angeles)

January 2024

The National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP) was founded by the partner organizations, and
it continues to be led by an Executive Committee of elected partner members who steer the direction of
the network. NNIP is pleased to announce three stellar additions to the Executive Committee — Elizabeth
Monk, Community Projects Director at the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center, Amanda Phillips
de Lucas, Director for the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance – Jacob France Institute, and Elly
Schoen, Data and Project Manager at the Neighborhood Data for Social Change (full biographies below),
are joining the Executive Committee as of January 2024.

The Executive Committee is the central mechanism guiding NNIP. Along with leadership from the Urban
Institute, the six members plan partnership strategy, monitor performance under the plan, and advise on
ongoing activities and policies of the partnership. More information on NNIP's governance is available here.

The three continuing Executive Committee members are: Victor Amaya (Milwaukee), Amy Carroll-Scott
(Philadelphia), and Lamar Gardere (New Orleans). We also want to express our appreciation for the
members who served through 2023 – Geoff Smith (Chicago) and Noah Urban (Detroit).

The three newest members of the committee are:

Liz Monk directs Community Engagement and Special Projects at the Western Pennsylvania Regional
Data Center (WPRDC) at the University of Pittsburgh Center for Social and Urban Research and is the
project manager for Civic Switchboard – a federally funded project working to connect libraries and
community information networks. Before joining the WPRDC, Liz worked in a wide variety of positions
in public engagement and sustainable agriculture.

Amanda Phillips de Lucas, Ph.D. is the Director for the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance –
Jacob France Institute. Dr. Phillips de Lucas comes to BNIA-JFI from Cary Institute of Ecosystem
Studies. There she did a postdoctoral fellowship studying perceptions and governance of urban greening
projects in cities across the United States. During her time at Cary Institute, Amanda built relationships
with organizations, agencies, and individuals working to advance environmental justice in Baltimore.

Elly Schoen is the Systems & Data Manager at Neighborhood Data for Social Change, a project of the
USC Lusk Center for Real Estate. Prior to joining the Lusk Center, Elly worked at the USC Price Center
for Social Innovation for six years. Her various roles included building out the Center’s data
infrastructure, launching the Homelessness Policy Research Institute and the Neighborhood Data for
Social Change (NDSC) platform, and training graduate research assistants in foundational data and
research skills. In their current role, Elly continues to manage the NDSC platform, where they work with
community-based partners to use data to inform equitable policies and build power in Los Angeles
County neighborhoods.