The Segregation Index

Digital Feature by Ann Owens, sean f. reardon, Demetra Kalogrides, Heewon Jang, Thalia Tom
May 2022

Neighborhood Data for Social Change   (Los Angeles)

Neighborhood and school segregation remain key barriers to social mobility and equal opportunity. To tackle these long-standing inequalities, we must have a clear understanding of patterns and trends in racial/ethnic and socioeconomic segregation.

The Segregation Index will be a comprehensive resource for tracking neighborhood and school segregation in the U.S., across every neighborhood and every school. The SegIndex launched in May 2022 with new findings on school segregation.

Additional data and resources are coming soon, including: Longitudinal datasets on racial/ethnic and economic segregation between schools and neighborhoods at multiple levels of geography (e.g., national, metropolitan area, school district) Research papers and briefs on key trends and findings Methodological explainers on interpreting measures of segregation Code for researchers to create customized segregation estimates