Open Indicators Consortium (Weave)

Contact: James Farnam [email protected]
Date: 2008 - 2014

The Open Indicators Consortium (OIC), which operated from 2008 to 2014, was founded by partners from across the United States who came together to support and guide the development of the Weave software and its application as a high-performance open source data analysis and visualization platform free to all.  

The consortium’s goal was to transform publicly available data into visually compelling and actionable indicators to inform public policy and community-based decision makers. The Open Indicators Consortium (OIC)  brought together technical and academic experts, data providers and data users. With its technical lead and partner the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s Institute for Visualization and Perception Research, the OIC launched Weave 1.0 BETA in June 2011.  Key features of Weave were its high performance, high-speed interaction and ease of use.  

At its height of usage in 2012, fourteen NNIP members participated in the Consortium, which became inactive after 2014.  An independent firm took over the development of the software in 2016.

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Participating Partners:

Neighborhood Nexus
Boston Indicators
(Inactive) Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning
(Inactive) Thoughtwell
Data Driven Detroit (D3)
Community Data & Research Lab at the Johnson Center
The Mid-America Regional Council
(Inactive) Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies
(Inactive) The Providence Plan
Community Information Now (CI:Now)
Communities Count