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Mike Carnathan, Researcher
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Director, Neighborhood Nexus
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Data Manager, Neighborhood Nexus

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Steve Linowes, Chair, Neighborhood Nexus
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Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President of Community Partnerships
Steve Linowes
Chair, Neighborhood Nexus


2015 - 2017
The Metro Atlanta Speaks (MAS) public opinion survey gives elected, business and community leaders the knowledge they need to understand residents' perceptions of the strengths and weaknesses of... [read more]
Neighborhood Nexus created profiles for every Georgia Senate and House legislative district in the state using Census 2010 and the American Community Survey. The profiles include static reports... [read more]


May 18, 2017
Presentation - By: Bernita Smith

Atlanta Regional Commission

PowerPoint Presentation
April 26, 2016
Blog post - By: Taylor Tyger, Mike Carnathan

Atlanta Regional Commission

Regional Snapshot: Tax Credits for Working Families
April 11, 2016
Blog post - By: Audrey Spiegel, Mike Carnathan

Atlanta Regional Commission

ARC_NNIP_Forecast Snapshot March 2016.pdf
Atlanta Region 2040: Gazing Into The Crystal Ball
March 30, 2016
Job Description - By: Atlanta Regional Commission

Atlanta Regional Commission, Neighborhood Nexus

January 14, 2016
Blog post - By: Mike Carnathan

Neighborhood Nexus, Atlanta Regional Commission

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