Arts & Culture Indicators in Community Building Project

Funder: Rockefeller Foundation
Contact: Kathryn Pettit [email protected]
Date: 1996 - 2006

The Arts and Culture Indicators in Community Building Project (ACIP) was an exploratory and experimental effort to develop arts and culture neighborhood indicators for use in local planning, policymaking, and community building. Launched in 1996 with the support of the Creativity and Culture division of the Rockefeller Foundation, it operated in conjunction with the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP). The project operated at the local level in collaboration with various kinds of organizations and individuals including community builders, arts administrators, artists, funders and applied researchers. The project sought to create the concepts, tools, and language necessary to integrate arts and culture into quality of life measures. Moreover, it actively encourages the inclusion of arts and culture within indicator systems.

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Participating Partners:

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(Inactive) Metropolitan Philadelphia Indicators Project
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