Art and Culture in Communities: A Framework for Measurement

Report by Maria Rosario Jackson, Joaquin Herranz, Florence Kabwasa-Green
December 1, 2002

The field work and document review2 on which this framework is based, along with our emerging conclusions, has been shared in workshops with ACIP affiliates3 and also vetted in many professional conferences and meetings in various fields of research and policy. This process of idea development, debate, and application has helped us refine our initial thoughts about the theories, language, and methods needed to address the research and data deficiencies we have identified.

Questions Guiding Development of the ACIP Framework

  • How are arts, culture, and creativity defined, presented, and valued at the neighborhood level?
  • What should be measured and why?
  • What neighborhood-level data are already available for this purpose?
  • What kinds of information need to be collected?