Local User Conferences (Data Day) Directory

Several NNIP partners organize gatherings each year to highlight ways that data has been used to improve neighborhoods and to allow local users to network and learn from each other. Some are solely data-focused; others have a broader agenda.  This guide is in development, but for now presents basic information and links to the past and present user conferences. 

Related resources include:

  • Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance has produced a summary report on their 2013 Data Day describing the agenda, meeting format, attendees, etc.
  • NNIP held a panel session on "Lessons from User Conferences" in Denver in 2014. 


There are also examples of community data conferences outside of NNIP:


Summary Table of NNIP Partner Data Conferences

Partner City First Year Latest Year Participants Target Audience(s)
Atlanta 2013 2013 500 Nonprofits, residents
Baltimore 2010 2018 500 Nonprofits, residents, government agencies, researchers, students
Boston 2005 2015 300 onsite
100 online
Nonprofits, local government agencies
Charlotte 2013 2015 178 Nonprofits, residents, government agencies, researchers, students
Cleveland 2017 2018 150 Nonprofits, residents, government agencies, elected officials, civic technologists
Columbus 2005


250 Nonprofits, advocates, government agencies
Dallas 2005 2008 700 Nonprofits, elected officials
Denver 2015 2018 120 Nonprofits, neighborhoods and community-based organizations, government agencies
Indianapolis 2005 2015 375 Nonprofits, neighborhoods and community-based organizations, government agencies
Milwaukee 2015 2018 75 Neighborhood residents, nonprofits, local data experts
Pittsburgh 2010 2018 110 Nonprofits, resident groups, local government agencies, elected officials, funders, faculty, students





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