NNIP Idea Showcase & Network Update, February 2016

February 18, 2016 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Katya Abazajian
Megan Swindal
Katie Pritchard
Rob Pitingolo
Caroline Heffernan

As announced earlier in January, we are continuing the NNIP Idea Showcases to give partners the opportunity for more connections and conversations in between in-person meetings. Please register for the first NNIP Idea Showcase of 2016!

NNIP HQ will start with a quick update on network activities. Then, each presenter will have 5 minutes to talk about potential, current, or completed work. The presenters for this showcase are:

  • Megan Swindal (DataSpark RI) on RI’s Workforce Data Quality Initiative connecting UI wage and education data
  • Katie Pritchard (Impact Inc) debriefing on Milwaukee’s Data Day
  • Caroline Heffernan (The Data Center) on New Orleans’ work with Census APIs
  • Rob Pitingolo (NeighborhoodInfo DC) on geocoding best practices

Note: due to technical difficulties, the Network Update and opening remarks of Megan Swindal's presentation are excluded from the recording.