NNIP Idea Showcase & Network Update, February 2017

February 16, 2017 - 1:00pm

Maxwell Austensen, NYU Furman Center
John Cruz, Rise
Courtney Denton, CI:NOW
Jennifer Newcomer, Shift Research Lab

In 2014, we began holding virtual idea showcases after partners expressed the desire for more NNIP conversations between in-person meetings. Thanks to Idea Showcases, partners have shared their work and found new opportunities for collaboration with fellow NNIPers. 

NNIP HQ started with a quick update on network activities including details about upcoming conferences and overall NNIP goals. Then, each presenter had 5 minutes to talk about potential, current, or completed work.

  • Maxwell Austensen (Furman Center) on their new Coredata.nyc tool (minute 11:19)
  • John Cruz (Rise) on the St. Louis Civic Tech and Data Collaborative, Your STL Courts (minute 19:00)
  • Courtney Denton (CI:NOW) on their scrum management practice (minute 25:50)
  • Jennifer Newcomer (Shift Research Lab) on the re-branding of Shift Research Lab