Connecting to State Data Systems for Local Action

April 3, 2014 -
9:30am to 11:00am
Leah Hendey, Lisa Sparrow, Cathie Walsh, Joe Baldwin

The purpose of this session is to hear several examples of how state data systems, including both integrated data systems (IDS) and state longitudinal data systems (SLDS), can be used to inform local action. This session includes a presentations from: Lisa Sparrow of the Data Quality Campaign on their work with states, Cathie Walsh on her efforts on behalf of The Annie E. Casey Foundation to connect local partners to state efforts around SLDS and IDS; Leah Hendey on the NNIP & IDS cross-site project, and Cleveland's work connecting to the Ohio SLDS; and Joe Baldwin on the project in Pinellas County to connect with the state IDS.