Participating in the NNIP Network!

Last Updated: July 25, 2018

NNIP members help one another identify and harness different data sources, techniques for data analysis and visualization, technology, community engagement, organizational management, and fundraising. NNIP HQ supports the network’s peer learning by providing the infrastructure that brings members together, records and shares their knowledge more broadly, and facilitates collaborative support for improving local and national policy.

Urban-NNIP staff want to hear about how you have contributed to the network or how a fellow partner has helped you - you can report either in our quick NNIP shout-out form. This helps us keep tabs on topics of interest, recognize individuals, and report back to funders on impact.

While we’ve established formal expectations for NNIP organizations, partners can engage with the network in a multitude of different ways.

Formal Ways to Participate:

  • Respond to NNIP HQ surveys and emails in a timely manner
  • Be a buddy (i.e. mentor a new partner at their first partner meeting)
  • Present your work at a partner meeting, webinar or idea showcase
  • Organize a meeting session at the NNIP partners meeting or a partners webinar
  • Present for NNIP at a national conference or event
  • Serve on the NNIP executive committee


Informal Ways to Participate:

  • Invite a partner from another city to speak at your local event
  • Document your work to share with other partners
  • Tweet with #NNIP
  • Respond to recent updates and requests in the Google Groups
  • Network with NNIP members at outside conferences
  • Acknowledge NNIP in your presentation
  • Follow our Twitter list of NNIP partners


Download our NNIP Participation Handout that you can distribute among your staff.

Additionally, each year NNIP confers a Network Steward of the Year Award to acknowledge exceptional contributions to the NNIP peer-learning network.  Consider nominating a partner who has been particularly helpful or a good network steward. 

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