Expectations of NNIP Partners

Last Updated: August 13, 2018

Much of the benefit of NNIP membership comes from the strength of the peer-learning environment. In order to build and maintain a strong environment for partner organizations, NNIP HQ has established a set of formal expectations for partners:

Maintain the NNIP functions in their home area

  • Build and operate an information system with recurrently updated data on neighborhood conditions across topics;
  • Facilitate and promote the use of data by community and government leaders in community building and local policymaking; and
  • Emphasize the use of information to build the capacities of institutions and residents in low-income neighborhoods.


Contribute to knowledge sharing to strengthen the NNIP network

  • Follow NNIP policies and codes of conduct;
  • Attend and participate in semi-annual partner meetings;
  • Check in semi-annually with NNIP HQ staff;
  • Submit updates on the NNIP website on recent partner activities at least semi-annually (see guide to the NNIP website); and
  • Submit updates each summer to your local data inventory, which allows NNIP HQ to keep track of how many data holdings are available across the network.


Promote the network to local and national audiences (examples below)

  • Acknowledge NNIP on your website with a partner badge; and
  • Share information about the network in presentations to local and national audiences.


To improve accountability and encourage participation, NNIP HQ has developed a “participation scorecard” that documents each city’s degree of participation using metrics that track the expectations listed above. This scorecard is produced once per year in the spring. We ask that partners who do not meet all of the partnership expectations try to improve in the coming year. 

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