How to Update the NNIP Website Private

Last Updated: May 15, 2017

This is the guide for updating NNIP website for Partners and Editors. It includes instructions on how to updated the site as well as style instructions, so the site looks uniform, even with dozens of partners entering in content. There are three sections to the guide. Basic information, adding and editing users, and adding and editing content.

To navigate through the guide, you can either click the links to the bottom for the next page or select from the pages below. Once you are on one of the pages, you can either click the links on the bottom for the previous or next page or you can click "Up" in the bottom center of the page, which will lead you back to this main page.

Basic Information:

  • What's Where?
  • Public vs. Private
  • Taxonomies
  • Publishing
  • The Dashboard
  • The Text Editor
  • Weighting
  • Photo Sizing



  • How To Add a User
  • How To Edit a User Profile
  • How To Block (Not Delete) A User (Coming Soon)
  • How To Change a User's Role/Permission



  • How to Edit Partner Organization's Profile
  • How To Add/Edit a Job Opening
  • How To Add/Edit Partner Activity
  • How To Add/Edit a Publication
  • How To Add/Edit a Webinar
  • How To Add/Edit an Event
  • How To Add/Edit a Tech and Tool


Remember, the site is a work in progress. We are still working on finalizing text/content, and we recognize there are still a few bugs to the stie. The last page has a list of known issues about the site that we are working on fixing. If you have any additional functional problems that you find about the site, please email Kathy Pettit ( For any other problems, comments, or compliments, please enter them here.


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