NNIP Idea Showcase & Network Update, April 2015

April 16, 2015 - 1:00pm

Kathy Pettit
Leah Hendey
Peter Tatian
Beth Anthony
Taryn Gress
Vicki Mack
Clarissa Ozuna

In May and August, after partners expressed the desire for more interactions among partners between in-person meetings, we held our first two virtual idea showcases. It gave several partners the chance to share ideas and projects they were working on, and to connect with other interested partners after the webinar. Our second Idea Showcase of 2015 is back by popular demand! 

NNIP HQ will start with a quick update on network activities, followed by a series of presentations from partners--

  • Peter Tatian (Washington DC) will demo his work on a new website demonstrating housing preservation in Washington, DC. 
  • Beth Anthony and Taryn Gress (Cleveland) will present their work on place-based initiatives and IDS in Cleveland. 
  • Vicki Mack of the Data Center (New Orleans) will follow with a discussion of a recent brief entitled New Orleans Kids, Working Parents, and Poverty. 
  • Finally, Clarissa Ozuna (San Antonio) will discuss the development of SA2020’s Indicator Management System. 


2015-04-16 12.59 NNIP Idea Showcase, April 2015 from NNIP on Vimeo.